Saturday, May 19, 2012

pom pom steed

Pop Craft installation - Tai Snaith Pop Craft installation - Tai Snaith Pop Craft installation - Tai Snaith Pop Craft installation - Tai SnaithThis week at Harvest Workroom local Melbourne artist, writer, curator and mother Tai Snaith filled the Pop Craft window with a majestic and colourful portrait of her recently deceased horse, Nazif, and the pompom bridle that he wore in a dress-up session preceding his death.
Nazif had been Tai's horse since she was a child and when she began having dreams about his impending death she decided to celebrate the life they had spent together by fitting him with handmade costumes and a photo shoot with her friend Jo Duck. The results are stunning and made all the more emotional when Tai mentions that this was the second last time she saw her beloved horse.
When I got up close to the bridle there were still horse hairs attached and it sent tingles down my spine thinking of this special horse. Luckily Tai had brought along her mini-sidekick - her 2 year old son Leo who lightened the tone of the whole affair by sharing the contents of his pint-sized suitcase that he carries around and joining in the action of installing the artwork. The work will hang in the window at Harvest Workroom for one more week.
Tai's work is a definite head turner - catching most folks eyes as they trundle past on the tram. Loads more pics of the window here and an interesting interview with Pop Craft here.
Make sure you also look out for Tai's first children's book called The Family Hour that will be launched on July 5.
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  1. How really touching the photo and the story are, brought tears to my eyes.

  2. my gosh... so sad... but so lovely that she got to do a little photo shoot before he left... LOVE the photo that's in the window... just beautiful!

  3. Thanks Harvest and Pop Craft and everyone for stealing a glance and your lovely comments. I take the work down on Monday and have had a wonderful response. If anyone is interested in any more of my work, commissions or even buying this gigantic thing, then please feel free to contact me tai(at) xxxx


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