Thursday, September 30, 2010

spring at the royal botanic gardens

This Sunday October 3rd you can find us printing at the Royal Botanic Gardens Spring Open Day.
We will be there celebrating the beginning of spring, the wonderful gardens and the launch of our products in the Garden Shop.
We will be doing two print demonstrations one at 11.30 and one at 12.30.
We will be printing posters that will be ready to take home and proceeds will go toward special projects at the Botanic Gardens so there will be even more lovely displays to go and visit!
There are loads of great activities running all day.
Enjoy free nursery tours, bush tucker tours with an Indigenous guide, Rain Garden talks, composting demonstrations, tours of historic Gardens House and Garden Discovery tours.
The ever-popular Growing Friends Plant Sale is an opportunity to find a special plant to add to your garden at home. There’ll be fun activities for children in The Ian Potter Foundation Children’s Garden (including our friend Ilan Abrahams from Sense of Place at 3pm) and a great selection of upbeat live music to listen to throughout the day.
See you there!

Monday, September 27, 2010

our wallpaper workshop gets the thumbs up

Check out the Design Files today for the thumbs up on our upcoming wallpaper workshop hosted by Clara Vuletich.
Clara will be in Melbourne for less than a week in October and in that time we will manage to squeeze out of her a talk on Upcycling Textiles and the Learn to Print your Own Wallpaper in a Day workshop.
We are so excited to see her because she always brings with her a fountain of knowledge and ideas about textiles and sustainability - not to mention that she is such a wonderful woman.
If you can't afford to put aside a full day for her workshop be sure to come and hear her talk about how textile designers "can create beautiful upcycled textiles adding real value second time around" at our new digs in East Brunswick for only $15 on October 14th 7-9pm. Light refreshments included.
See you there!

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

upcycling textiles talk

If you are at all interested in the impact our textiles industry has on our environment and how you can begin to make a difference by creating beautiful, upcycled textile products then you may want to head down to our new digs in Brunswick East to hear Clara Vuletich talk on Thursday 14th October.
Clara is a very informed, inspiring and talented Australian textile designer who is based in the UK. She spends much of her time researching and developing ways that the textiles industry can become more viable by working at Textiles Environment Design Project, Chelsea College of Art & Design, London.

Most current textile recycling is limited to either recutting or re-stitching, creating a patch-worked aesthetic, or heavy industrial processes that re-make the material at a fibre stage.
How can textile designers push the boundaries and create beautiful, upcycled products that are more beautiful and valuable in their second incarnation?
Clara participated in Becky Earley's project Ever & Again: Rethinking Recycled Textiles.
She will discuss this project and the impact it has had on her practice as a designer.
Visit Clara's blog Love and Thrift and see the collective of fantastic textile artists that she belongs to - Bricolage Project.

The talk is only $15, runs from 7pm - 9pm and includes light refreshments.
The bonus is that you can have a peak at Harvest Textiles' new home. Come and join us.

Monday, September 20, 2010

a printing day with the kidlets

Who can resist the call of all of the spring flowers that are popping up everywhere?
With baskets in hand and some eager little foragers we were inspired to come up with a wee art project this week.
Below are the easy steps we took:
  1. Frolic through the garden collecting leaves, flowers and twigs. (Don't forget to play fairies for a good few hours whilst filling your basket.)
  2. Lay out fabric, fabric ink and pop on smock.
  3. Dip nature bits and pieces in ink and press down onto fabric.
  4. Wash hands in soapy water before you proceed to wipe them all over the cushions on the couch!
I'll attempt to get on the sewing machine over the next couple of days and see what can become of these special prints.
Em xo

Sunday, September 19, 2010

something to celebrate

We have some exciting news.
A totally awesome permanent venue for Harvest Textiles has been found. YAY!
In the coming months we will be moving northside and announcing a whole host of new workshops, events and more.
When we finalised the details we raced down to savers to buy ourselves some special glasses to have some sparkly tipple to celebrate.
These quirky little daisy-bottomed glasses sang out to us - may they be the first of many quirky crockery and glassware purchases made for the new premises.
All of our classes at Ink & Spindle will go ahead as planned and we will be there until the end of the year so no need to fret if you are already booked into a class.
Stay tuned for further details!

Saturday, September 18, 2010

i made it myself!

Thought you would appreciate these lovely cushions spotted over at Mizu Designs.
Kylie of Mizu Designs printed the stunning fabric used for these cushions at our advanced screenprinting class.

"Just pop your toosh on those cushions over there - hand printed by me!"
Now how satisfying is that?

Friday, September 17, 2010

fun things to do this weekend....

For everyone who is interested in seeing some textile printing in action make sure you get along to the Ink & Spindle Open Studio this Saturday the 18th of Sept from 10am till 1pm - it will be heaps of fun I promise. The girls are doing a printing demo that starts around 11am so make sure you don't miss it!

I'm going to be taking a day of rest as the Harvest gang is usually teaching on Saturdays. I'm planning on enjoying a Saturday for once and make it down to.....
Milkwood for a coffee and a sweet treat. A dear friend has opened a new cafe in East Brunswick. It's beautiful and already packed every weekend and they bake all their own cakes. I had a gingerbread love heart that was to die for last weekend, I was on the run but I keep thinking about the space and how I want to spend some time there....

Look how beautiful it is! Thanks to Broadsheet for the image.
And to the CERES Market 10th birthday, I have been involved with the CERES market over the past year and a half after I started up a local Vegie co-op for my mothers group. Their Market and Co-op programs are amazing so I want to help them celebrate their achievements. It should be a fun day as Rockwiz's Brian Nankervis is hosting the day and RRR is broadcasting live from the market so I'm expecting there will be a few laughs in store.
The beautiful CERES Market , Happy Birthday!
Have a fantastic weekend and feel free to let us know what other great things are going on in Melbourne this weekend...
x Lara

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

frankie's special bed

A little peep into a personal project I got done this week.
It's been forever since I have actually made anything for myself or for those close to me.
My little boy has just graduated to a single bed and on the weekend I finally printed him a doona cover that's been waiting patiently in the cupboard.
What do you think?
It was also a bit of a tester for when we finally get our act together to make some sheeting with our beautiful organic jersey.
So it was part fun and part research.
I hope it brings him sweet dreams.

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

a gorgeous day

What a gorgeous day we had today - it really was a day where all of our passions came to the fore. Making lovely products, being mummas, cooking, chatting, catching rays of sun, gardening and doing crafty projects with our little harvest tribe.
It doesn't get much better than that, does it?

Monday, September 13, 2010

a birds eye view of our raindrops and fur

We are currently meeting orders for some of our stockists - old and new alike. Stay tuned and we will announce some of the fantastic new folk who will be stocking our wares.
Anyway a session in screen printing the boxes for our DIY kits was had on the weekend and after printing so many boxes we didn't know what to do - we looked around and realised that we had used every available space to allow the boxes to dry. I thought our raindrops and fur looked great in this context.
Above are the raindrops close up on the boxes and below is a pic of the final product all ready to go.
Don't forget to buy a copy of Frankie magazine to enter the giveaway for one of our cloud softie kits or a class.

Sunday, September 12, 2010

advanced class september

We love hosting the advanced class because we get to catch up with past students and everybody gets stuck right into the process from the word go.
Here is what everyone came up with yesterday after a busy day of printing and chatting.

Saturday, September 4, 2010

Too much cute!!

These are without a doubt the cutest photos to ever arrive in my inbox! Lil' Otis sure has some style huh?
Come check out these cute onesies plus HEAPS more Harvest goodies at the Finders Keepers market on Oct 9th & 10th!

xxxx Jess

Friday, September 3, 2010

Frankie mag!

Check out our giveaway in the new issue of Frankie!

xxxxx Jess