Thursday, June 10, 2010

learn to screen print in a day

On Sunday we held the first ever Learn To Screen Print in a Day workshop.
We had a full house and people on the waiting list! What a response!
I had a feeling that many people out there don't have the time to give up 2 days to come and immerse themselves in a class, and 1 day seems a lot easier to find.
We had a great bunch of people, 99% of the students had children under the age of 10 so we swapped lots of stories about the funny things our kids do (isn't it funny how when you're away from them you end up talking about them!)
It was a very different type of print that we designed in the one day class.
It was more about layers of colour than worrying about the repetition of a motif. Quite a narrative style emerged in most people's designs. I think they are all beautiful don't you? I truly love that I get to see great new designs every class, and people ALWAYS come up with a new approach to an image.

The next one day class is on the 3rd of July, and if you are looking for a fun activity to warm your wintry weekend we have a 'softie' making class this Saturday 10.30-4pm.
There will be screen printing, sewing, cups of tea and lots of laughs, no experience necessary. Hope to see some of you there.
x Lara

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